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About Us

Danvers is able to offer a wide range of packaging and transport options either for local transport through to International

* Packing instruction 620 for UN2814  Infectious Substance Affecting Humans

* Ambient temperature packaging for postal and courier samples

* Thermal systems for overnight postal samples through to long distance transport

We are also able to make put clinical packs for specimen collections and have now done numerous trials from sending out packages on named patient basis, to large GP databases targeting entire counties through to international trials.

We distribute packaging and clinical packs worldwide

Please request a catalogue and we will be pleased to help you select a cost effective compliant system for your needs

Danvers International has its history in the development of the UN/ICAO/ADR/IATA transport regulations from around 1996. Melvyn Danvers became a trainer for the Civil Aviation Authority at this time and taught numerous Bio-Medical Scientists throughout Europe the art of packaging to the regulations

Intermodal Systems

Our new developments in the bulk transport of medical and food items stems from our purchase of Box3 products. Our developments have included small volume dry ice shippers that have long survival times, which is very effective during long customs holds in distant airports. The systems were used very effectively to hold produce overnight when electricity wasn’t available and more recent innovations allowed fruit products to be transport by road, air and rail.

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